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“A sweet, boldly illustrated tale of conquering your fears… a bird flying inside an airplane causes quite the hilarious ruckus.”

Finch’s First Flight


Meet Finch, a bird who lives at the airport, but… he’s actually afraid to fly. When he meets a young boy at the airport who is also afraid to fly, they work out a deal that gets them both on the plane. When Finch finds out how beautiful it is up there, he decides to try flying for real. That’s when things get a little turbulent, but everyone lands safely and Finch learns to fly higher than ever before.

Reviews for "Finch's First Flight"

Rebecca M.
Adorable book with heart and humor This is an adorable premise with a relatable message, and lots of belly laughs in between! Would make for a great bedtime story or early elementary classroom read aloud. Enjoy!
Fear of flying no more Planes can be scary, not only for children, but for adults. And birds too, apparently. Luckily this book lets you see through the eyes of a bird and a child that flying is fun, beautiful, and better than eating stale pretzels in the airport. Overall, an excellent book for any child about to go on their first flight!
Girl Mom
Absolutely inspirational This inspiration book will spark your child’s imagination and instill a sense of bravery within them. It shows that being afraid is perfectly normal and remind them that they are capable of conquering their fears.Perfect for both home and school settings, this book is a must-read.
Well-written An adorable tale of a finch afraid of flying- ironically at an airport. Lovely and light-hearted with a great message for young readers.
Gina Jenkins
crazy fear I think this was the cutest quick read ever. Only a 1000 words, but a powerful lesson. I will buy a few for my little friends. If young people learn the lesson behind this story when they ate young they will end up being fearless! Oops! Almost gave it away. You have to get the book!Gina
Brad Shaffer
This is a great book for kids at bedtime or whenever they want to read. I liked the pace of the story, it kept my 5-year-old's attention the whole way through (which is not an easy feat). It's a clever premise with a good ending. We'll see if the lesson from the book is taken to heart next time we have to fly...
Nice little book The lesson in the book is quite deep and it teaches us that fear is not an option. We eventually have to find a way to move on and this story is very inspiring.
George Balarezo
Great Message For Children This book has beautiful illustrations that pop out of the page and will capture the attention of even the most restless child. The moral of the story is timeless- we are rewarded when we step out of our comfort zones. This is a key life lesson that ought to be taught from the earliest age.
Basil and Jezibelle
A Sweet And Entertaining Book For A Common Fear A sweet and entertaining story about realizing that your fears are often worse than what you are afraid of, and that, by facing them, you often find out there was nothing to be afraid of, after all.And the illustrations are wonderful.
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Steve Ciabattoni is a writer and digital producer who lives and works in New Jersey and New York City. Over the years, he has worked as a music critic, an English teacher, a digital marketer, and more.